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CIIPA's ESG Committee is committed to bringing public and private stakeholders together to educate, support regulatory oversight and provide credible promotion of the Cayman Islands when it comes to ESG in the Cayman Islands. 

The Committee is chaired by KPMG's and includes EY's Eleanor Fisher, Ogier's Angilynn Baraud, PwC's Kelli Dawson, Clearwater's Richard Harrison, Artex Risk's Anna Ghandilyan, Waystone's Rebecca Palmer, MNP's Edward Olson, Republic Bank Cayman's Nikita Kissoon, Deloitte's Lawrence Usher, CUC's Ravi Persad, CIIPA's Kevin Morales and Sheree Ebanks and Michelle Bahadur from the Ministry of Financial Services. 

Click here for CIIPA's ESG Resources page. 

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