We act in the public interest and are committed to the principles of good regulation.

This means we act for the benefit of the public as a whole, rather than for individual complainants or members. We are obliged to utilise our resources efficiently and effectively to achieve our purpose.

We aim to discharge our public interest obligations in a manner which is proportionate, consistent, transparent, targeted and accountable.

To investigate a complaint, there should be a reasonably well-founded allegation that the member:

a) is, in the performance of his professional duties, guilty of misconduct, dishonesty, or incompetence;

b) has breached the Institute’s professional standards;

c) has failed to meet the continuing obligations to be a member specified in section 8(4)

d) has breached the Law or any Rules made under the Law

e) has breached the standards of professional conduct of an overseas professional accounting institute, of which he is a member;

f) has, for the purpose of procuring his registration as a member, or of obtaining a licence, has made any statement which to his knowledge is false in any material particular, or has made any other misleading or fraudulent representation;

g) has been convicted in a court of the Islands or elsewhere of a criminal offence, which renders him unfit to be a member or licensee; or

h) has acted in a manner likely to being the Institute into disrepute.

Before submitting a complaint to CIIPA, you should contact the member against whom you wish to make a complaint. If the matter is not resolved by the member, you can submit your complaint to and use the CIIPA Complaints Form.

Our complaints and investigation function is carried out by the Complaints Officer, a Case Manager and the Investigation Committee.

If the Investigation Committee determines that there is a case to answer, then it will be referred to a Disciplinary Tribunal.

Get in touch: We will be pleased to advise you on the telephone if you are not sure how to proceed. Phone 1-345-749-3360. For further information, see our Helpsheet Making a Complaint Against a Member.

+1 (345)749

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